Proudly servicing Dallas North Properties.   Green Lawn of Texas was originally founded on the premise that we have the opportunity to spend time with our families, children, and household pets in a Natural, Safe, Environment. Our Lawn Care Plans offer Organic lawn treatments to provide you with just this in mind.

Upon completion of a Green Lawn of Texas application you can enter your yard with family and pets and enjoy the Healthy, Green, Landscape that you have invested so much valuable time and money; Your Lawn.


Holganix combines a highly evolved, concentrated compost tea with active bionutrients to naturally promote beautiful Green Lawn growth. Holganix produces the highest quality turf color and density, along with root systems that run deeper and thicker, and soil quality that retains water better, helping your lawns resist drought. Holganix promotes a steady growth pattern to the plant, without surge growth. For year-round lawn care plans, this means reducing clipping yields, ultimately leading to an increase in sustainability.


Holganix helps create healthy turf and plants by harnessing the benefits of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms found in the “Soil Food Web.” Using no harmful chemicals or man-made ingredients, Holganix helps re-create a natural ecosystem where plants are much less prone to damage from insects and disease.

This approach is known as bionutrition, a proven form of fertilization that is becoming more widely accepted as an effective alternative/supplement to chemical fertilizers. Scientists studying bionutrition cite three major benefits of this approach:
• Improved Roots
• Improved Plant Health
• Environmental Sustainability


  • Biological Meta-Catalyst
  • Efficient Use of Nutrients
  • Contributes Robust EcoSystem
  • Satisfactory Suppression of Weeds, Insects, & Disease
  • 80 Lbs of Nitrates
  • 20 Lbs of Phosphates
  • 75 Oz of Concentrated Pesticides
  • Greater Green Goal